Weston Family Award for Research in the Torngat Mountains

The W. Garfield Weston Foundation has awarded funds to the Nunatsiavut Government and Torngat Mountains National Park of Canada (“TMNP”) as seed money to create an award to support and encourage research operating out of Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station. When combined with matching contributions and in-kind support from the Nunatsiavut Government (NG) and Parks Canada Agency (PCA), a total award of $150,000 is available. This award can be used to support research projects in the natural, physical and social sciences that are relevant to helping meet the goals outlined below. This may include, but is not limited to, disciplines such as geography, geology, botany, wildlife science, archaeology, anthropology and sociology. Proposals for interdisciplinary research are also encouraged, and key research themes are described in the Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station handout. Supported research should be based out of Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station.

Goals, values and philosophy of the Award

Inuit perspectives, values and priorities must be respected, and recipients will be encouraged to consider the following goals, principles and expectations when designing and conducting studies. The degree to which proposals are consistent with these will be considered in evaluating applications:

  • Support research at Base Camp and help build the profile and reputation of Base Camp and the Torngat Mountains region as a destination of choice and centre of excellence for northern research;
  • Support research that is relevant to Inuit and which takes Inuit perspectives, values and knowledge into account;
  • Build capacity among Inuit and provide opportunities for Inuit to participate in research;
  • Generate information that contributes to conservation of ecological and cultural resources;
  • Research must be communicated back to Inuit in a way that helps them understand its relevance, for example through plain language summaries available in both English and Inuttitut, presentations in communities, broadcast media and social media; and
  • If work is conducted at a time when tourists, Inuit and other visitors are in Base Camp, researchers will be encouraged to make a plain language evening presentation explaining and discussing their work.

Developing your proposal: As a first step, please review the Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station handout, and in particular pay attention to the key research themes discussed therein. If you think that your work may be a good fit for the award, we encourage you to contact Rodd Laing (NG; rodd.laing@nunatsiavut.com) and Darroch Whitaker (PCA; darroch.whitaker@pc.gc.ca) to discuss logistics, support, timing, and potential synergies with previous or ongoing research.

Deadline for Applications: February 2nd, 2018

Budget guidance: Please use the following rates when developing your budget; note that some costs are estimates (e.g. helicopter charter) and may vary slightly. Also, some needs may be better met through in kind support rather than having you pay directly; as a general guideline we suggest aiming for a budget breakdown of approximately 2/3 direct funding and 1/3 in-kind support. It is recommended to have matching funding for the amount being requested. Again, the NG and PCA can offer guidance as you develop your proposal and budget.

Twin Otter flight from Goose Bay to Saglek return      $1,600 / person return

Stay in own tent at Base Camp (includes food)             $300 / person / day

Stay in remote Parks Canada camp                                 $75 / person / day (covers food)*

Hiring on-site bear guard                                                  $350 / bear guard / day

Charter of on-site helicopter                                             $3,000 / hour (max 5 passengers including bear guard)*

Charter of on-site speed boat                                            $400 / day (max 8 passengers including bear guard)*

Charter of on-site long liner                                              $$$ to be discussed*

Field support (e.g. park staff)                                           $300 / person / day*

Translation of reports to Inuttitut                                   $25 / page*

Interviewing elders / knowledge holders                       $250 / day*

*These services may be available as in-kind support.

Reporting Requirements and Schedule: Recipients will be required to submit a report within 60 days of the completion of field research each year. This report will include a summary of the work completed and data collected, a summary of available results, a brief budget summary including total funds spent in Base Camp and elsewhere in Nunatsiavut or Nunavik, and a summary of Inuit participation in the research.

Upon the completion of research Recipients must also (1) submit copies of all reports that are in the public domain, and (2) Communicate the results of their work to Inuit in a plain language format that highlights the relevance of their findings to their lives, culture, and/or natural resources. Examples include plain language summaries available in both English and Inuttitut, presentations in Base Camp or in communities, broadcast media and social media.

Recipients must acknowledge support received from the Award in all reports, presentations and scientific publications.

Permitting: Note that receipt of funding does not authorise the recipient to conduct the research, as this can only be done by the relevant permitting authorities. Most obviously this includes the Nunatsiavut Government and also Parks Canada when the research will include sampling in TMNP or involves gathering of Inuit Knowledge relevant to resources in TMNP. Information on permitting by these organizations can be found at the following:

Nunatsiavut Government: The Nunatsiavut Government Research Office is the first point of contact for all researchers seeking to conduct work in Nunatsiavut. For more information see: http://nainresearchcentre.com/research-process/

Parks Canada: Applications for Parks Canada research permits can be completed online at:  http://www.pc.gc.ca/apps/rps/page1_e.asp

Note that additional permits and institutional approvals may be required for certain projects, and it is the responsibility of recipients to ensure that they have met all such requirements.

Evaluation of applications:

A committee will review and rank applications based on specific criteria including relevance of the work to Inuit, urgency, tractability, scientific merit, and additional resources the applicant will bring to the project. In reviewing an application the committee may solicit opinions from outside experts in the proposed field of research. The Committee will then identify a list of Recipients based on these rankings and the finances available in the fund, and applicants will be notified of the outcome.

Applications and inquiries should be directed to:

Rodd Laing
Director of Environment, Nunatsiavut Government
P.O. Box 70, Nain, NL  A0P 1L0
Email: rodd.laing@nunatsiavut.com
Phone: 709-922-2942 x232
Fax: 709-922-2931