“InosiKatigeKagiamik Illumi” (Healthy homes in Nunatsiavut) Project Description

homes Rigolet“InosiKatigeKagiamik Illumi” (Healthy homes in Nunatsiavut) is an action-oriented housing program that builds on existing knowledge of the current housing situation to forge new housing directions that are adapted to changing climatic realities. This project aims to provide housing solutions that are actionable across Nunatsiavut and applicable across Inuit Nunangat. Through the construction of culturally relevant, affordable, climate adapted housing, we hope to slow the rapid pace of infrastructure deterioration currently experienced in the region, reduce the burden of overcrowding and mould, and by extension, contribute positively to the mental and physical health and wellbeing of residents.


red homeThis project focuses on an on-the-ground housing risk assessment that targets the most pervasive, chronic housing issues in the communities, identifies the likely causes of these problems and suggests solutions. Findings from this infrastructure assessment tour will inform the development of climate resilient, building codes and standards for Nunatsiavut and will also shape a housing design charette planned for early 2014. The housing charette will inform the creation of sustainable housing designs adapted to a changing climate as a necessary first step to the future implementation of housing developments that are designed and built by Inuit for Inuit. We aim to design and build a pilot sustainable home, informed by the outcomes of the housing risk assessment and the design charette and then evaluate the performance of the home over time.