Aullak, sangilivallianginnatuk (Going off, Growing strong)


An outreach program to enhance youth mental health by supporting social and cultural connections while improving food security.

Aullak, sangilivallianginnatuk (Going off, Growing strong) is a program focused on bringing together youth and harvesters to enhance a community freezer program in Nain. The program responds to priorities in Nunatsiavut while addressing outcomes of the Inuit Health Survey.

youth2The first group of ten youth started the program in March 2012 and completed the program in August 2013 becoming Junior Harvesters. To date, activities have included:

  • Over 300 youth days on the land learning about… traveling, fishing, hunting, trapping, respect, cultural traditions.
  • Community builds… building kamutiks, building smokehouses
  • Country food and movie nights
  • Country food celebration dinners
  • Country food deliveries to, and sharing with, elders in the community


The overall goal of “Going Off, Growing Strong” is to help build the resiliency of youth in the face of widespread social, environmental, and cultural change. This pilot project is about building connections (social and environmental) and evaluating the success of a community freezer and pilot youth outreach program that aims to enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual health of youth through intensive, long-term engagement and programming.

It is an example of real-time action-oriented program that can generate knowledge while simultaneously improving quality of life in northern communities. Program evaluation and reflection is currently being finalized with program staff, stakeholders and a community-based steering committee. The program model has now expanded into a second Nunatsiavut community (Hopedale), while a second cohort is being engaged in Nain.

For more information contact:

Nain Research Centre