Water Monitoring

The Nain Research Centre is partnering with Environment and Climate Change Canada on the Northern Contaimant Program funded Sea Water Monitoring project. The leader for this project is Derek Muir from Environment and Climate Change Canada. Other partners include Rainer Lohmann from the University of Rhode Island.

This research is being conducted across the North and the sampling location in Nunatsiavut is west of the Nain area in Anaktalak Bay. The purpose of this study is to get a baseline understanding of what contaminants exist in our area. The other data that is being collected besides contaminants are:

  • Water Temperature
  • Water Chemistry (Salinity, nutrients, chlorophyll)
  • Depth

Local researchers travel to Anaktalak Bay, gather water samples at different depths to get a baseline understanding of all of the above information. Data will be posted here once it is available. If you have any questions regarding this research project or any other contaminant project, please contact Liz Pijogge at the Nain Research Centre at 709-922-2380.