Research Process

The Nunatsiavut Government (NG) receives numerous requests each year from universities, and other researchers to conduct research in Nunatsiavut. Any research conducted in Nunatsiavut should happen only with the full knowledge and participation of the NG, and first and foremost, the Labrador Inuit community.

We ask any researcher who has a request to conduct research in Nunatsiavut to contact the Inuit Research Advisor (IRA), Carla Pamak, before proceeding. A research proposal is required for every research project that takes place in Nunatsiavut. A review process specific to each proposal will be initiated and reviewed by the Nunatsiavut Research Advisory Committee. A reply will be sent to the researcher with next steps as soon as possible. This will help ensure the review process is as thorough and fair as possible. The Nunatsiavut Government Research Advisory Committee meets once a month, with the exception of August. Please keep these facts in mind when submitting an application.

Our review of the proposed research will be more comprehensive and timely if we have some general information on the research for reference. We ask that you provide us with a non-technical proposal that outlines the purpose, methods and timing of the proposed project, the project’s value to Nunatsiavut, a communication strategy for project results and any Licenses and Permits required for the project. The Nunatsiavut Government requires any non-beneficiary conducting research on Labrador Inuit Lands to have a Land Use permit from the Lands Division. If any wildlife sampling activity is to take place, a Permit to Access Labrador Inuit Lands of the Purposes of Harvesting is required. Finally, if you plan on partaking in an Archeological Investigation, a permit is required. The research application and associated permits are available for download below:


Research Application and Guide:

Nunatsiavut Government Research Application Guide

Nunatsiavut Government Research Application



Permit to Access Labrador Inuit Lands for the Purpose of Harvesting

Application to Access Labrador Inuit Lands

Archaeological Investigation Permit

NG requires the time to give the research project the consideration it deserves. NG recommends that you submit your research proposal at least three (3) months before the start date of your project. If you are requesting a letter of support, NG recommends that you submit your research proposal at least six (6) weeks before the deadline for submission of your proposal.

Please contact:

Carla Pamak
Nunatsiavut Inuit Research Advisor
Nunatsiavut Government
P.O. Box 70
Nain, NL, Canada A0P 1L0
Tel.: (709) 922-2380
Fax: (709) 922-2504