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The Nain Research Centre, established in April 2011, aims to support the knowledge needs of a healthy and prosperous Nunatsiavut. The Centre is managed by the Environment Division of the Nunatsiavut Government and is dedicated to action-oriented research as well as the desire to further nurture and grow local capacity, including research-related capacity. The Nain Research Centre and Nunatsiavut Government’s Environment Division, are currently leading or co-leading several major research programs in the region and have developed key strategic partnerships with Governments, Universities and other stakeholders. The Nain Research Centre also supports research out of the Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station.

Vision – Support the knowledge needs of a healthy and prosperous Nunatsiavut

Mission – Solution-driven knowledge production at the research-policy interface to support action-oriented programs and the health and wellbeing of Inuit

research building

Facility – The Nain Research Centre consists of a wet lab, dry lab, boardroom, workstations, walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer and washrooms. Currently, the walk-in freezer doubles as a community freezer. There is also an adjoining accommodation space with rest areas (bedrooms), a common area, kitchen and washrooms that can accommodate up to 6 people (4 people comfortably) on a year-round basis. The work space within the research centre can accommodate up to 8 people on a regular basis.


Laboratory: Dry and wet lab, suitable for preparation of specimens, short and long-term storage and preliminary processing of samples.


Wet Lab: Work stations, sinks, fumehood, incubator and autoclave.

Power: Regular commercial

Communications: Telephone, fax and internet

Access: Daily scheduled flights from Goose Bay, NL to Nain, NL. Air Labrador is the preferred carrier.

Local Transportation: The Nain Research Centre can help arrange ATVs and speed boats for rent during summer. Chartered longliners / research vessels are also available. Snowmobiles for rent during winter. Helicopters also available for charter year-round.

Fuel Availability: Gas station in town

Land Claims Regime: The Labrador Inuit Land Claim had been a long time in coming. Filed in 1977, negotiations toward its settlement began in 1988. Labrador Inuit claim aboriginal rights and title to northern Labrador and northeastern Québec. The Agreement that established Nunatsiavut set out details of land ownership, resource sharing, and self-government. The Agreement also established the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area (LISA) totaling about 72,500 square kilometres in northern Labrador and 48,690 square kilometres of sea. Labrador Inuit do not own this land, but have special rights related to traditional land use. Within the Settlement Area, Labrador Inuit own 15,800 square kilometres designated as Labrador Inuit Lands. The Agreement also provided for the establishment of Torngat Mountains National Park, consisting of about 9,600 square kilometres of land within LISA. See www.nunatsiavut.com for more details

Other Local Resources: Two small grocery stores, hardware store, convenience store, Bank of Montreal branch and Canada Post office.

Licenses, Permits: The Nunatsiavut Government has a research process in place that must be followed when applying to do research in Nunatsiavut.

Availability: The Centre is open all year round.

Cost: No fixed cost. Cost to use facility must be negotiated with contracts in advance.

For more information on research in Nunatsiavut, please click here.

Carla Pamak
Inuit Research Advisor
Nunatsiavut Government
P.O. Box 70
Nain, Labrador
A0P 1L0
Phone: (709) 922-2380